easyrec as movie recommender

Flimmit, a video on demand platform which enables film lovers to obtain movies legally on the internet included easyrec's recommender technology to enrich user experience with personalized recommendations. When viewing a movie details page, alternative movies based on other user's viewing habits are suggested. The screenshot on the right shows recommendations given to one of Jackie Chan early movies Karate Bomber.
easyrec providing movie recommendations for the video on demand platform flimmit easyrec used as a movie recommender on the video platform flimmit

Add recommendations to your website

Use our public evaluation instance of easyrec to integrate recommendations into your applications. For further information on how to use the evaluation service have a look at the get started page.


If you plan to host the recommendation services yourself you can download easyrec from here. After downloading have a look at our installation guide for further instructions on how to install and how to make your first steps with easyrec. Check our blog for any public release updates or feel free to contact us if you are interested in obtaining the latest release candidate.